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Pithy Pitches

I have spent a fair bit of time in the last few days redoing my website, with entirely too much playing with the bells and whistles. The things which have emerged are as follows:

  • I need graphics. Nothing fancy, just a general look for the site and some kind of header image, as well as something to indicate each world/subgenre
  • I need to write up the pitches for my stories. I’m pretty good at those – it’s the actual writing I tend to get stuck on, as it requires a longer attention span – but I don’t have them for many stories. These would help a lot with making the site make more sense.
  • It’s time to suck it up and pay someone to design a cover for each book. What I’m really after is a world scheme and series theme, so that the books all look like each other.

The writing itself has not been charging along, though I did get quite a bit done over the bank holiday weekend, and I need to change that. I’ve been forced to reduce my daily target to 1000 words and I *still* have no hope of hitting it midweek. I’m not even watching much TV any more – where does all my time go?

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