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Keeping On Track

I had a blissfully lazy weekend, wherein I didn’t do my exercise, I ate like a drunk 18-year-old, and I slept for about 29 hours over three nights.

I also didn’t do much of any writing, instead spending the majority of my time reading Harry Potter fan fiction (don’t judge me, it won’t stick) and cursing Amazon Prime for delivering the case, screen protector and dock but not the new phone they’re for.

I did somehow manage to include tickles and introduce my offspring to the wonders of Stargate Atlantis, though.

In other news, I’m all ready for summer – all two weeks of it – and despite my annoyance at my entire Facebook feed being one big TT post (if you’re not Manx or a biker you won’t get it, it’s OK) I’m feeling pretty good.

At least, except for the annual problem of my-thighs-are-sticking-to-my-chair-and-I’m-the-only-woman-in-the-office-so-I-get-no-sympathy.


I have to be fair; I *have* defied the odds of a totally lazy weekend to come up with a sequel to one of my oldest stories – not that I’ve written that yet, of course. Now all I need to do is update my list and write snippets here and there, and I’ll *definitely* never finish everything on it 😀

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