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Copyright Conundrum

Well, well, well…

I’ve been reviewing customer contracts at work lately and we’ve had queries relating to IP (we’re a software company).

That got me thinking about our employment contracts, which have clauses about IP specifically to cover programs/coding done by our developers.

There is a problem with the wording, though:

The entire copyright and rights of a similar nature, throughout the world, in works of any description, which you produce during the course of your employment with the Company, shall vest in, and belong to the Company absolutely throughout the world for the full terms of such copyright and rights and all renewals and extensions thereto.

Spotted it?

in works of any description

Literally anything where the copyright should belong to me while I work for this company technically belongs to them.

As in, my writing, artwork if I took it up (as if!), and anything else I created, not just code.

WTF?! My work doesn’t belong to me?

Now, in all honesty, I can’t see anyone at my company caring at all about my fiction or fanart, etc. but I have to wonder what prompted them to include absolutely¬†everything their employees create while employed.

…story idea: massive manhunt after employee writes a paper on the missing piece of the fusion puzzle, only to publish it under their partner’s name…

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