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Reading and Writing

I finally got a good look at my yet-to-read list of books (all paper; I can’t do this with the ebooks) this weekend. 29. Roughly one a day for the next month.

Admittedly, I can’t reasonably start one of these until I’ve finished my Wheel of Time reread (I’m on Memory of Light but it’s just as sloggy and redundant as I recall, despite the laughs and Perrin), which at the rate I’m going will take days and days.

It should be noted that the average time for me to read even a WoT book is no more than a couple of days; it’s been over a week since I started AMoL and I’m not even halfway through yet.

Of course, accumulating books without reading them isn’t the only thing I’m guilty of; I had a fairly in-depth idea over the weekend, which my other half was less than enthused to hear about. Mostly he just pointed out that I seem to have far too many projects ongoing, and haven’t finished any of them yet.

The urge to get one finished lasted one evening, as expected, but I retain faith I’ll get a significant chunk done in November again – to date my best daily average was last year’s NaNoWriMo.

That, naturally, brought me to the reasoning that I probably need a writing buddy – someone who actually wants to read my stuff and will pass me their own in turn. Anyone interested in the job should let me know, as I amount to a free proofreader and editor.

 ##Update: I managed to miss the part where I’d already read one of the books. Now it’s 28##

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