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I’m doing it again – acquiring free ebooks (and audiobooks, as of this morning) rather than reading through my pile. Why? Obviously I decided I wanted to read them in the first place, or I wouldn’t have bought them, the lone gift among them notwithstanding.

Challenge: to read at least ten of them next week, when I’m on holiday. I will struggle, not least because I haven’t seen my wee man since July, but I should manage six or seven of them at least.

I’ve begun two, though one is turning out to be harder work than I usually bother with. Note that it isn’t full of long words or hard-to-remember names; it’s just too oddly put together. My other half refuses to admit defeat on anything, so he’ll slog through something he hates. I’ll just abandon it.

Unfortunately, though, I can’t precisely say I’ve been through my list unless I actually *complete* each book on the shelf. I’ll try and make it to a solid quarter of the way through, then cry off if it still proves too much work.

By comparison, the other one I’ve started is going well… when I remember I’m supposed to be reading that rather than fluffy ebooks. There’s a sequel on the shelf, too, so I should be able to leap into that with no problems.

In other news, I’ve had yet another new idea – yay! Boo for my list of to-be-written, but I don’t think I’ll ever have a problem with increasing it. I’m certainly not doing very well at reducing it…

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