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I Need A Break

Why is it that the moment things seem to be getting settled, something comes along to derail it again?

I sense a sick day coming… especially since I haven’t been off ill in months. Also being denied my annual leave (yesterday’s bombshell: I might not be allowed my time off, requested months ago and for a very good reason) is simply icing on the cake. Not that I’m allowed cake any more.

I could use the day to sleep, and to write as much as I’m able in a short space of time. I could get a jump on Sandar, and perhaps even decide once and for all on a plotline for that story. I could go crazy and redraft The Steel Fist…

Most likely I’ll chicken out and sit through work that I dread, and wistfully dream of the someday when I work for myself.

*** Update ***

I actually did take a sick day-and-a-half, though it was less pulling a sickie than recharging much-depleted reserves.

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