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[Insert Depressing Tune Here]

I lost all my work from Thursday afternoon – 4,299 words of it. It’s the second time this has happened to me, and in a totally different application, so it’s less a case of me not learning my lesson and more a case of me not being sufficiently paranoid to store my writing in AT LEAST two different locations – within an application and somewhere else.

New policy: copy and paste into another program, wait to sync, THEN save, backup and quit.

I actually cried when I realised what had happened. Eight phases of exemplary work, lost in one fell swoop when the application didn’t save as I expected it to do.

This, coming after I waited an hour and a half for an update to complete, then had to reinstall the application just to get it to stop throwing an error on a file I don’t care about at all.

At least the work I’m doing (for the day job, as opposed to the writing) is going well; even if we keep getting roadblocks to my son’s swimming lessons (no slots, then the instructor calls in sick right before his first session in a new stage) and other interruptions like family and housework.

I keep dreaming of the ‘one day’ when I will be able to work from home as a writer, getting on with things. This is a fantasy, for the simple reason that there will always be interruptions and problems.

TL;DRAlways, always, always back up your writing and CHECK that it has worked before quitting.

Now I have to go back and write those phases again – FML.

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