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Thoughts on Current Projects

Before disaster struck this morning, I had written a fair amount of musing on where to go with my current stuff, and what I might do once I finally have a completed manuscript. Here it is:

New Idea Questions

Can’t type, computer is updating. Should’ve known better than to go an entire day without switching my laptop on. Steampunk-style idea yesterday – how far back can you go and still be realistically ‘steampunk’? Could you, for instance, go for the beginning of the industrial revolution and change exactly what gets mechanised, and how, and when?

Then there’s the ol’ urban fantasy angle with the tele’s (really need to come up with a better encompassing word for that) and a clairvoyant. Need to figure out how that fits in. Especially whether they’re ‘out’ or not.

Splitting Off

I really long for something totally new, an original idea with no precedent. Then again, anything that diverges too far from the established tropes may find itself malingering, dust-covered, in the back.

First-in-series Label

Another thing I’d really like to see is a clear, distinguishable label to indicate when a book is first in its series (would also apply to standalones – anything but a succeeding book) – absence of this could indicate subsequent books, which would prevent me picking up second or third books without realising. Realistically, I doubt I’ll ever be in a position to implement this, but it’s a nice idea.

Co-op Publisher

You know what else is a nice idea? A publisher consisting of co-operating authors. Everyone can then get copy-edited (and ideally proofread) as part of the process, along with a pool for paying for cover design and marketing. It would probably only work for authors all writing in one genre, though.


Will I go it alone when it comes to publishing? I’m going to say yes, though I wouldn’t turn down a traditional deal as long as it let me do other stuff on my own. I don’t like the label ‘authorpreneur’, as it conjures an image of a startup trolling¬†for capital. ‘Author-operator’, maybe. Either way, I know there will come a point where I have to lay out some serious money for things like ISBN’s and cover art, perhaps even typesetting. Unfortunately, I’ll need money in the bank for that, or maybe a weird kind of startup loan.


What’s the likely outcome? That I never make more than a few quid selling my writing. Is that going to stop me? Not a chance.

[End Page 1]


Not Enough Time To Write!

While the page of writing overleaf is reassuring in that I can still spit words out on the fly, I remain irritated by the delay in using my laptop. I need to get back onto Rav’n (a hairball story of mine) before I forget everything! I only have two weeks left, and I’m spending one of them in Edinburgh. There’s no way I can finish before I have to start on Dangerous Company (this year’s NaNo project).

Editing or Redrafting Steel Fist?

I keep recalling how much I need to go back and edit Steel Fist (last year’s NaNo project), as there are a number of parts which need pruning, amending or filling in. It may turn out to be easier to phase it based on what’s already written and include only the prewritten parts which fit. That’s a project for after DangCo, though.

Speaking of DangCo

265 phases; if I can manage 500 words apiece, that’s 132,500. At 300, it’s 79,500. If I make it to 700 each, that’s 185,500. The more attainable 600 gives me 159,000.

Complete Subject Change… or not

Federal system led by a monarch and actually relevant aristocracy. What Absol goes for, eventually.

Rewrite, I think

I’d really like to explore some parts of Steel Fist which I didn’t really touch on during my first draft – like the way his reputation inflates until it’s self-sustaining, but is completely untrue. Or the antagonists’ motivations – why do they keep going after Gevren emerges as the new one to beat? He’s got popular support in a volume the nobles will never attain. Then there’s the fact that Heralde hasn’t had a government in twenty years – how have the nobles held on to their power?

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