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Last Day of Calm

Ha! As if that title is accurate. Today is tense and rushed (not least because I’ve just been on holiday for a week and have a whackload of catching up to do at work), and I know I’ll be running around frantically tonight attempting to get things like the washing up and laundry done so I can ignore all the housework for a month.

Not the most realistic of ambitions, I know.

Regardless, I’m relatively well-prepped (though I’ll never be happy with a truly detailed plan) and stocked up on Relentless (not a plug; I just like the taste of that particular energy drink), and I have a Backup Strategy In Place.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to get up early (groan) and write 500 words (out of my target 2k) before work, then another 500 before dinner and the last 1k after. If that pans out, I’ll attempt to maintain that every day this week, to be followed by a writing binge at the weekend.

I will be journalling my progress as I go, with a daily update of either Triumph or Shame at my word count. Unfortunately, my whole manuscript goal is 240k, which somewhat exceeds the NaNo parameters… I’m on the fence about whether to just keep going into December and January, or to stop on 30th November and pick it up again at another time. We’ll have to see exactly how exhausting it is.

That my other half is away for three weeks this month should help on weekdays, as there won’t be anyone telling me off for ignoring them or eating a ridiculously un-nutritious dinner.

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