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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 1

08:30 – I have written 733 words this morning, which is a nice start. Looking forward to charging past my target today, with another short writing session (one phase) this evening and a longer one (two phases) after dinner.

Fingers crossed I keep up with this pattern, which if nothing else should net me a solid 2k per day, a sufficiently low target that I ought to be able to maintain it well past the end of the month.

13:16 – I have added about 40 phases to my plan, and spent *entirely* too long colouring them for POV.

16:54 – Having written two more phases and exceeded 2,000 words, I am feeling extremely pleased with myself. I expect to aim for another three this evening, though that may be reduced to two. In honesty, as long as I can get the planned four done (meaning only one more to go) then I’ll be happy, since I’ve hit my target word count on three.

19:23 Phase 4/4 complete! Though I’m itching to get onto the next one, I have to wait until after tea, because I’m taking up the table with my laptop 🙁

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