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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 2

07:05 – I didn’t get up early enough to do any writing this morning, but I *was * extremely gratified to find that my region (Europe :: England :: Derbyshire) is now in the top 50 regions:


My total for yesterday was 2732 words, which puts me in a nice spot for passing 5k today – as long as I sit down and do it.

09:06 – I’ve done my first phase of the day at 502 words. Derbyshire has now slipped down against Nottingham, which needs to be corrected immediately… Definitely doing some kind of sprint tonight!

20:08 – one more phase down and I’m embarking on the next. The highlight of the hour? There are two:

  • “I’m trying to pick a fight here”; and
  • the realisation that I can’t call my currency ‘pieces’ because if you don’t say ‘a piece of something‘, you’re talking about a sandwich.

20:38 – I hit 5k, and I’m finishing the day here. Interesting side note: apparently one of my characters is bi, and I hadn’t known it until he lost a hand of cards.

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  1. Eeek! I’ve been browsing your blog and just saw this post —- I’m from Derbyshire too! Hellooooo fellow writery person 🙂 I live in Edinburgh atm but all my family are in Derby. Really inspired by all your writing goals btw, I’m doing zero at the moment haha.

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