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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 5

12:22 – Well, after discovering that my hearing is terrible at least in part because of massive amounts of earwax (like, blocking one eardrum entirely and the other mostly massive), I’m finally at my laptop to begin today’s writing. I expect to do a bit of character adoration (I have finally reached a scene with POV of my favourite) and a lot of catching up. When I originally planned this out, my target was to do four phases of 500-ish words per workday, and double that at the weekend. What’s actually happened so far is a measly 14/16, though my word count is right on track as I’m averaging about 750 apiece. Therefore, today’s main goal is to write ten phases rather than eight, to get back up to speed.

Of course, if I should somehow manage to exceed that, so much the better 🙂

14:13 – I’ve just hit 2k for the day, with four phases down. Six to go, with an estimated 6k out of it. My unofficial target for the day is to make it to 25k – while it’s hefty, it’s a decent indicator that I can hit the manuscript target without spending months on this. Of course, there’s every chance that I’ll be a speedy writing machine once the other half is away (he goes tomorrow) and actually complete the whole draft in November ;P

15:00 – just finished phase 5/10 – I’m thoroughly impressed with how I’ve managed to incorporate some of the character background without talking about anyone’s past explicitly. On to a POV switch now – back to the first one!

15:47 – just written a fantastically odd swear – feels good to finally squeeze one in 😀

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