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Bosses, A Rant

My boss dropped a hypocritical bomb on me this morning, which has infuriated me into writing this down.

Some background: I have been doing the school pickup the last few weeks because the childminder who usually does it is on maternity leave. She unexpectedly had a C-section so the time was extended by two weeks. This meant that I had to take some time out of the office.

I cleared it all with my boss as soon as I knew about it – we clarified what I would be doing and when. I thought it was sorted.

Today, I get the extremely unwelcome news that my sole remaining day of annual leave might be taken against the ‘time off’ I’ve had last week and expected this week. This, despite the fact that I was working all that time. Had I had the time off in truth, I’d have felt much less homicidal.

The realisation that while he can take time off willy-nilly and call it work, but I can’t work from home despite having cleared it with him beforehand, because I didn’t email him; the same person who verbally instructed me to add a day to his own allowance because he’d worked on a Saturday (a consideration which was not extended to me when I had to do the same).

Beyond annoyed. I was looking forward to not having to be in the office while working; the lack of distractions tends to make me extremely productive.

Now, I’ll be dashing home, nipping out to do today’s pickup, grabbing everything I could conceivably need, dragging a six-year-old to an office, and making him stay there until five-thirty, when he will finally get to go home and eat his dinner – though we won’t get in until about 6pm.

Nice one, boss.

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