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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 11

08:21 – Today’s goal is to hit 2k, which will coincidentally take me to 21k.  If I should happen to better that – fantastic. If not – I’ll live. The weekend looms large before me, with its large span of writing time.

13:14 – TFW you write Marmite™ into your world (though not by name), and it actually makes loads of sense because they have a taste for bitter things.

Even when your money situation abruptly gets worse, and your excessively active imagination visualises your OH breaking up with you for it.

At least I’ve written almost 2k today.

17:15 – I’m one paragraph into a phase but haven’t gone back to it since I reckon I can pick it up at home. I don’t exactly have to be anywhere in the morning so if I want to I can write until midnight on a ridiculous caffeine-and-alcohol high…

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