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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 14

15:19 – I wrote yesterday, but didn’t do an update… because I’m lazy and the world fell down around my ears. The washing machine packed in on Saturday night (after I’d done a couple of loads, thank goodness), but my urge to actually get on with the tidying faded away completely yesterday. I did basically nothing, and even the 2k I managed was scraped out of determination.

Tonight, I’m prioritising washing up and the inevitable hand-washing laundry, then tomorrow is writing catch-up day. The goal for this week is to break 50k, then next week to double down and hit 75k. Even that’s under half my manuscript target, but it’s all something written down on my way to a million.

Fingers crossed.

22:33 – I wrote 2662 words today, and broke 30k; woohoo! Well on my way šŸ˜€

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