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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 15

08:12 – Having broken 30k last night, I’m hopeful that this week will net me a minimum of 10k more, if not my goal of 50k. That leaves me a full week and a bit to hit 60k… which can only help, given we’re getting invaded from 25th-27th.

I’m discovering that the characters I thought I didn’t care about are actually interesting in their own right, which makes me optimistic about being able to tell this story at 240k.

08:29 – I’m currently fleshing out the outline with the phases I need to definitely hit 240k; it’s both easier and harder than I expected, given the amount of story left wide open for the minor characters.

09:59 – I’m now up to 508 phases, which is plenty! šŸ˜€

10:36 – Just wrote 805 on a single phase, taking me up past 31k. On my way…

18:47 – The task is set: 10k today! Let’s do this!

20:25 – Mike’s in bed and I’m on my 5th phase of the day. On this! current word count (of completed phases) 2,340.

23:11 – Got distracted, but today’s total achievement is 3,400, so not bad.

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