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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 19

11:54 – I wrote juuuust enough to hit 40k last night, so today’s goal is utterly ridiculous: Hit 50k. That’s about 5 hours’ worth of writing, unless a burst of inspiration strikes and I just type mad with enthusiasm, which tends to be faster.

The pile of washing up calling my name isn’t helping, nor is the pile of clothes I can’t wash as the machine is still broken. The need to take baths (usually a pleasant relaxation) rather than showers rounds out my issues with plumbing quite neatly, I think.

Well, onto the boring stuff before I can write…

21:32 – I’m underway (at last); 734 words out of a lot. Onward!

22:08 – 946 down and I’ve done that thing where I go off on a tangent… but it’ll still fit fairly well into my outline, as I didn’t have much going on in here. Not stopping until I hit at least 2k, so I need one more phase for the day.

22:41 – 1046 on top of that! Current word count is 42,734, and I’m sleepy. Looks like I won’t be hitting 50k today, but there’s still hope for tomorrow. Nanight!

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