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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 21

08:49 – Today should be a nice gentle day at work, which will help with getting 2.5k bashed out. I am determined to hit 50k before the estimate the stats give me of 24th, which means doing a little more today and tomorrow. After that, I can settle in to my 2k per day to hit 60k before the end of the month despite the two full days I don’t expect to get anything done.

14:01 – I had a very productive lunch hour, getting 1555 words out. Just two more phases until I hit the day’s target, and if I go beyond that at all (probably by two more) then that’s less to get done by the 30th.

21:47 – two more phases done, as expected. Total word count is now 47,663, so five more days of 2.5k and I’m all done for November!

…after which I need to continue for another three months to reach the end of the manuscript.

Oh! Oh! And…

Look At This!


Derbyshire has *finally* made it into the top 50 regions by wordcount per novelist! Yay!

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