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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 29

08:43 – I didn’t get any additional writing done last night, so now the heat is turning up. I have today and tomorrow left to get to 60k, or I’ll be playing catch-up all the way through December.

11:48 – I’ve got 1700 words done so far – not quite halfway done, but goign well. It helps that I’m now in the POV of my favourite character, shortly to be followed by my second favourite’s POV. The words just kind of fall out onto the keys, which works well, though I need to remember what I’ve named people.

12:45 – The sudden realisation that tomorrow will likely not be productive has put a new urgency on today’s progress. As such, I now have ten phases to go rather than three.

I can totally do this; it’s my favourite part. 100%-ish

16:01 – 2,955 words down, not a huge amount to go. Plan for this evening: chuck small person in bed, shower, go to bed with laptop and wine and word until the number magically reaches 60,000…

20:35 – 4,088 is today’s word count, leaving 2,700 or thereabouts to get to my target tomorrow. Definitely achievable. Done for the night! Woohoo!

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