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December is a bit of a wash so far

08:25 – I didn’t write a word last night and I unintentionally pulled an all-nighter reading because I wasn’t sleepy. I am determined to get something done today, even if it’s just one phase, because I blue miss the feeling of accomplishment.

I’m still waiting for the print of last year’s NaNo – The Steel Fist – to arrive, which will hopefully inspire me to continue as proof of what can be achieved. The dream: one day, I will have an entire shelf on a bookcase dedicated to my own titles…

Back to reality: I need to word. Wording adds up to editing. Editing adds up to novelling. Novelling adds up to writing full time.

…and yes, I’m going to make a graphic of that. New featured image!

14:54 – 70 words into a phase, which will be continued from home I expect. I’ve managed to lose precious enthusiasm, which needs to be forced back into place (a lot like the seal on our washing machine, which occupied my first evening back with my other half and hurt his fingers) with some dedicated time. I’ll hie myself upstairs *without* an internet connection until I’ve bashed out a few k tonight.

Might be worth planning my next projects a wee bit shorter though… and it probably bears attempting to keep my phases to no more than 300 words. Challenge accepted!

16:10 – 763 words down, and I’m into the achy flagging stage. I hit the wall about half three, and it’s probably going to take effort to get home without drifting off. Need motivations!

Adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit

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