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Lost Another Weekend

08:34 – Did I write over the weekend? Of course not. I buckled down on Saturday and attempted to… and then I realised that it’s not likely I’ll bother with Dangerous Company now that NaNo is over, so I cut it off.

Which leaves me with a small quandary. Do I write the story my friend and I came up with on Friday? Do I carry on with the one I started in October (which is a bit of a hairball of mine, albeit not *the* hairball)?

10:38 – I’m now busily plotting out my *big* hairball story, with the view that I need to write a ridiculously detailed outline before beginning. I’m estimating about 10k of outline per book (there are three) so far, and as such won’t be struggling for what to do next when it comes to actually writing it. On the other hand, there’s a solid chance I change my mind about exactly what the plot should be, so I don’t expect this to be the final version of the outline.

I’m also going to take a different approach to this one; storing works in Scrivener makes it a massive pain to catch up from any device other than my personal laptop, so I’m going to write in Word from here on in – then organise it all in Scrivener. I will maintain separate files for scenes, which should make things much easier on me in editing.

12:20 – I’m up over 1,000 words for the part 1 plan, and I’m only expanding chapters down to scenes and events yet. When I start to add themes, locations and snippets, it’s going to get big quickly.

14:36 – Compiling my goals for the year ahead – updating that page as I go should prove sufficient disincentive against failure. I need to do some kind of reward for success; one which costs nothing and won’t set me back on any other goals.

…perhaps I need a goal to treat myself every week – one hot relaxing soak, followed by an early night. That ought to get me into the habit of not drinking…

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