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Still Plotting (muhahahaha)

09:18 – I’m working on the outline for Windsteed, and fully expect the final expansion to be done in time for beginning to write it tomorrow (since I already have the first few chapters expanded).

Things remaining: make a map of Cerola, make a draft cover for Windsteed, decide on a proper reward for completing things on time (admittedly, I should start with allowing myself to read the screenplay of FBAWTFT since that would have been my reward for hitting 60k in November).

Also decide what kind of word count I’m after. I’m loosely aiming at 130k, though I’ll be happy with 80k if it means I *finally* finish a story entire. Then to the pruning later (after I’ve faffed about and finished Rav’n) and after that I can move on to the next one, Wavesteed.

Alright, enough waffling. Get back to work!

11:22 – I’m cleaning up my photos on Onedrive (though I’ll need to take roughly a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY to actually sort my photos by month; this is separating stuff I’ve saved from actual pictures of my life) and it’s thoroughly satisfying. The amount of rubbish in there (corrupted files, etc.) is ridiculous.

11:32 – boss is having a bitch fit again. Why is this my life?

12:05 – Aaand it’s over for another month. He’s really condensing the pre-board-meeting tension; that’s the third month running it’s been shorter than the one before. I used to get about five days of it; now we’re down to a couple of hours. Progress!

14:45 – erm… I was writing down what happened in one scene of a totally unrelated story (before I forgot it; it’s great and full of angst) *cough*TheBridge*cough*, and I wrote down 816 words just on what happens afterwards. Inspiration doesn’t seem to strike me so much as biting down and holding on until I’m infected.

FYI, I don’t do a word count on non-narrative stuff, i.e. while I’m outlining. That stuff isn’t relevant. Actual written story content is. Though I also have 761 words outlining said relevant stuff before the narrative starts. Just sayin’.

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