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Over The Hump – Kind Of

09:23 – I’m sore and tired and the notable lack of alcohol this week (as a kind of impromptu ‘dry’ challenge) has apparently decided to make it harder to sleep. I thought I was only using alcohol as a crutch to avoid dealing with my hypersensitivity – turns out I was actually using it to sleep too…

10:45 – today looks like being actually busy for once, which is nice, but I’m super hungry 🙁 I will need to do some tidying tonight in preparation for my sister’s visit tomorrow, but that will definitely eat into my writing time.

17:24 – No longer expecting to do much of any writing tonight, though my hope will never die. All I need to do is 738 words today, which should be eminently possible. That’s most of one scene – hardly anything!

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