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14:04 – I had a nasty financial shock this morning (all my own fault, as usual). I have a plan to deal with it, and I only have to make it four days (including today), but it’s shaken me. Unfortunately, I seem to do much better in crisis mode, which isn’t helpful when planning things like expenditure.

I’ve written 952 words so far today, and am feeling only slightly as though I’m riding a tiger. I can definitely do this – especially since WriteTrack allows me to mark days as target: 0. Not to mention that I’m off next week, which will hopefully let me steam out a few k per day. The more I do, the better I’ll feel, and the less I’m likely to spend money.

The goal: spend so much time writing over the next week that I really do finish in early March, despite not having begun until over halfway through December. Other half leaving me again for 3 weeks in February will hopefully contribute to my productivity as well…

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