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Scrabbling for Purchase

08:35 – I have waay too much to do today. Best get on with it; I have hope that I’ll actually get some writing done this evening, unlike yesterday when I attacked the mountain of folding to be done. Stuffed drawers later, there’s still loads of washing up despite my efforts, and I have no idea what I’m eating for dinner tonight.

My tasks for the day are pretty creative, so I’ll try and get the juices flowing (as far as I can when designing an advert and creating Christmas messages for the people whose presents will be late)…

13:30 – An advert, two gradients and a unified note design later, I’m all pictured out. I need to do some writing on Windsteed, though I’m no longer hopeful of being able to get some time tonight. Then again, I managed a lot last night and still didn’t do anything productive after 8pm, so…

As an aside, I reorganised my folders to gather all worldbuilding materials together, which will significantly expand the size of my regular backups (since I’m not backing up the folders with movies, music, etc. in them; just my creations). The good side of this is that I shouldn’t be left casting about aimlessly should something happen to my cloud storage OR my laptop.

I do prattle, don’t I? Proper words coming after writing, which will come after work 🙁

18:32 – First time in ages back on my own laptop. I always forget how nice it is to type on. Just under 400 words to hit my daily target; Probably another 4-500 after that to actually finish the scene.

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