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The Saga Begins

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away…

Just kidding; it’s not *that* saga at all.

08:35 – It’s my first day back at work after Christmas (though it’s still  *officially* Christmas for another three days) and I’m well-fed and ready to get started. Of course, I’ve had more than a few good ideas over my break, including a couple of fully-plotted ones (whoops). For now, I will attempt to hit the weekly targets I set myself last year…

…which begins with making my lunch the night before (fail, though I’m going home to make a bagel so still not spending money) and writing 500 words over two days (haven’t written one in January yet; odd scenes don’t count unless part of current project). I’m also supposed to exercise once a week and not buy any books. Honestly, the exercise one will be harder (I’m conscious that most of my spending lapses are on food and books) but I *will* do this! Even if it means dragging myself out to run around in the cold and wet one night a week, then coming in and pouring myself wine as a reward (curbing alcohol doesn’t kick in until March).

Mostly, I want to write. I need to write. I like writing; I just never seem to motivate myself to write at home. Possible ways to trick myself into it without spending money? Maybe take the laptop for a drive and refuse to come home until I’ve forced out the word count. That could get cold fast, though. Perhaps try setting up in the spare room; making it my writing room and emerging when I need caffeine. That’s a more likely prospect, anyway.

…Just looked at the actual list (here). I need to woman up and get on the scales to measure the changes I make… and a selfie wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I don’t need to share it with anyone, just keep the record. Should probably brush my hair at some point.

Reading Update – I’m currently going through the Lightbringer series (Brent Weeks) as part of making my other half read something out of his comfort zone (Anne Bishop’s Tir Alainn*), and I’m almost done with book 2 (of 4). Stayed up a wee bit late last night reading – I need to get that under control.

16:34 – Whoops. I wrote 5,700 words on Ice and Earth. Today’s image is more accurate to today (as opposed to the year) than I’d thought; doing a little at a time produces a lot.

The words kind of fell out, as though I’ve been doing so little that it all decided to vomit up in one go. Ironically, it’s pretty good work; often, I try to force it and end up with a stilted mess, but this is coherent. Win!

19:51 – Update: I’ve just broken 7k. Not bad at all.

*he’s ahead of me and smug about it, AND he’s laughed aloud a few times. Now to sacrifice my time on the altar of Sanderson (he’s a fanboy) so he’ll read Green Rider (Kristen Britain).**

**No-one pays me for anything fun – I just shove my favourites in people’s faces until they give in and read them… I can’t sell a story at all.

***let’s also point out how apropos the title is – this post contains more words than my two-day target!

****purple italics for asides… but only the ones I didn’t squeeze into the main paragraphs… 😀

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