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Keep The Ball Rolling

08:28 – I wrote quite a lot yesterday (including a rant which won’t go up for a while) so am Quite Pleased*. There’s no need to write today – but I want to. I really want to keep going on Ice & Earth (the subject of yesterday’s verbal vomming) until all my impetus peters out.

16:22 – Wrote a bunch {739 words} this morning, nothing this afternoon yet. As I’m planning on boring boring adulting this evening, I may not get any more done *sobs* so I’ll have to content myself with having planned out loads more sceney bits to write…****

21:16 – not long after that last, I went and wrote about the same again, so feeling pretty good now. That could be the snakebite (following Port {and dinner full of duhmplings…}) though.

 *Very British Things To Say, #17**

**That would make a good list! {future list: Very British Things To Say}***

***I like lists.

****This allergy I have to writing after I’ve planned it is going to sink my ambitions of writing full-time unless I get over it somehow

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