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Nose Back to the Grindstone

08:40 – I didn’t write this weekend, setting me back a fair bit on my target. Nonetheless, I can get moving today, and already have 65 words down. Only 90% to go!

I’m also still struggling through Lightbringer (book 3 now; I can never remember the titles). It’s not that the writing is opaque (though it is), or that the story isn’t moving (‘sluggish’ is a pace, right?), so much as that it seems to be utterly endless. There’s no new page for a chapter, which is merely irritating to begin with and then contributes to a sense of continuity – one chapter becomes another, leading to the feeling that the story is ongoing and unending. That nothing ever seems to be resolved (all the arcs are ENORMOUS) doesn’t help.

Whinge over. Once I’m done with this, I can nip back and reread something fluffy before tackling my actual #tbr instead of my other half’s idea of what it should be.

09:41 – I learned a new word today: Derbarian (someone from Derby)!

12:38 – A couple of hundred words in, I’m missing the sense of purpose that got me through NaNo. I need some other kind of external motivation… suggestions? Comment!

15:40 – Two things – I broke 10,000 words on Ice & Earth {yay!} and I just had my appraisal [not that bad, tbh]. It went fairly well, despite a few meanderings about the property market and the gains of buying a house (my boss, not me; I tend to get into a mental rant about the constriction on supply whenever I think about it {future rant: the British property market and why I hate the self-serving hypocritical attitude of people who buy to let}), though it did call to mind the fact that I’m concealing my intention of never reaching management. I’m happy pootling* along until I finally make money from writing and can spend my days doing that instead. Don’t judge me, I have dreams like you (no really)**.

IAE [look at my cool abbreviations, like I’m some kind of TLA expert*** or something] is going more slowly than I’d anticipated, given my high output last week. I need some kind of strong motivation to keep going until it {the first part, at least; I have the makings of a proper epic fantasy here} is complete. But what? I’ll let you know when I have the answer.

In other news, I managed to decide in advance what I was having for lunch today, and prepared accordingly, so yay me!

Also, don’t you hate it when there’s a book you’re reading and you get torn from it? I think bookworms have an addiction to immersion, which is why we get hangovers upon finishing. The series high is higher, which is why the slump is so much worse.

*It is so a real word

**Just much less touchy-feely. Continue in comment

***FWIW, TBH, etc.

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