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I’m Going To Call It… Prolific Tuesdays

Tue – I don’t know what it is, but I always seem to do better on a Tuesday than any other day of the week for word count. Being able to do more time at the weekend never translates into actual writing, and Thursdays for some reason are almost always a wash.

Thu – Given I began this on a Tuesday and am finishing up on the Thursday, that’s fitting. I wrote a little yesterday but the Tuesday thing seems to be holding true. Today’s goal: get just one more scene done. Just one. If I can keep hitting my daily target (and every time I exceed, WriteTrack nicely reduces the remainder for me), I’ll be done with this in no time.

10:25 – Charging through these bits, but I don’t expect to actually finish plotting this for ages. I like the flexibility of deciding scenes as I go, but there are bound to be hiccups down the line…

14:53 – Apparently I was wrong about Thursdays… I’ve been forced to faux-plan another story, since I wrote 1k words on it after an Idle Thought, though I’d already broken 1k on Ice&Earth. Pas mal. {sssh! I’ve written like, twenty more words on the one that isn’t my Current Project}

Also: I like my rants. They give me the freedom to forget arcane things like “structure” and “reason”, and allow me to make a series of points without any expectation that I’ll back them up with evidence. I’ve just been writing next week’s, and it’s spawned loads more future rants. *pats self on back* good job, Kat.

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