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Distracted by New Things To Read

14:54 – I wrote nothing over the weekend (again), but managed a scene (over 1k) today, which is progress. The main reason I haven’t written was my distraction by New Things To Read (Heralds of Valdemar and then the Collegium Chronicles, both by Mercedes Lackey). I had a major blonde moment and didn’t realise I had a New Thing To Get Excited About until I was into the final Collegium book – or 7.1/8 through the lot. Well done, Kat.*

I’ve tweaked a couple of ideers** [sic.] {as if I’ve ever misspelt something that badly} in the last few days, and (as happens surprisingly often) have merged a couple, including the one I’m writing at the moment. That should give me some interesting context when I get further down <they’re in adjacent lands in the story now>.

It also occurred to me that I might manage relatively coherent reviews of Things I Read Which I Like (5 points if you guess the tense correctly) as a way of codifying tropes I like to see, storytelling devices which work, and generally help with reading critically {something I can’t help but do now, and it extends to watching things as well. No longer is Sherlock anywhere near as much of a mindf*** strenuous mental exercise, and the DC TV series are even more of a joke [aaaaangst; aaaaangst and despaaaair]}. This, naturally, irritates my other half when he shoves A Book He Liked under my nose and I don’t get excited like he did *toothy grin*.

*I may have purchased another trilogy set in Valdemar, which I am waiting for with a mix of devastation severe book hangover and anticipation. Now comes the difficult task of acquiring paperback editions of the things I only have in ebook…

**10 points for identifying the relevant reference!

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