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Push On

15:40 – I’ve hit my target for today’s word count (and broken 1k as well, thank goodness {AND broken 20k on Ice & Earth}), but it wasn’t on any new scenes; this was all extending the too-short ones. On the other hand, I’ve achieved this without resorting to doing it all at the end, so that’s a plus.

Today is the small person’s birthday, so the early evening will likely be dedicated to cake, candles and his choice of activity. Later, since my lunchtime reading was once again set aside by the demands of, you know, the job, I will be frantically reading Blood Mirror in hopes that a) I will finally be able to associate one of these books with its own title, b) I will finish this and be glad, and c) potentially [read: not a chance unless I stay up waaay past my bedtime*] get onto Closer to Home.

Other Things I Need To Do: still washing up {snore} and yet more laundry {yawn(yawn[yawn**])}.

*When I was 17? Midnight. These days? Circa 9pm.

**<Hippo Yawn>

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