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Routine Approach

0836 – Once again, I spent my weekend reading and not writing. Perhaps I should allocate my targets to take that into account? I got some done on Friday, though I neglected to blog, and I’m sure today’s goal will have jumped a bit again. I need another vomming to reduce it – probably tomorrow.

0840 – adjusting my target weights to remove the weekends has pushed my daily target up by 250 words… so I will definitely need to vomm tomorrow.

1406 – I’ve hit the day’s count now, and have no idea how I’m going to maintain this pace… unless I make a concerted effort to do a whackload one weekend. Bah.

1659 – It kind of feels like cheating when you include stuff from a year ago in your current draft count – but then again, I *did* write it and it *is* for this story, so… fair enough?

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