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0822 – I’ve literally done more adulting this morning than in the last three days. I’m *exhausted*.

On the other hand, I’m also woefully behind on writing, so I need to make sure I get as much of that done as possible today.

Perhaps writing down the scenes from other stories might encourage me? No, you say – it will just distract me? Pants.

0853 – So my subconscious, ever-present desire to avoid wording (kind of) has Paid Dividend: I have discovered that my book list [which details pretty much every word I’ve ever written] is woefully short on counts I’ve done on some stories. Including one, which I’ve semi-drafted already, at 23k and climbing as I add in the files I’ve got. Fingers crossed I locate more words on more stories as I go through; this is the tracker I’m using to see when I reach the coveted million.

1130 – I’ve written a few hundred words on Leonora {thbpbpbpt} and updated the word count for The Edge [it’s over 40k!!!!], and am determined to get *something* done on Ice&Earth this afternoon, though it may only be a couple of c. Very impressed with my tracking spreadsheet now, though it does put me in mind of needing a program. If I’m not careful, I’m going to end up with a spreadsheet for each story, the master sheet, and fifty hundred million* text documents with the actual writing in, as well as the original I’m-just-vomming-my-story ones. You can see why an application might be a good idea, yes?

…then again, maybe just an organising web page. Much less hassle. Though how I’d automatically add a link to each file…? Help!

*it could get that big. Text files (by which I mean Microsoft Word documents) are only a few kb each

1403 – I’m really very proud of myself – it turns out I’ve actually written over 300k so far!

Not that I’m anywhere near my targets:

That’s pretty rubbish progress (rate is a % btw) – but I’m still celebrating the total word count. Woohoo!

Add to this I actually went home at lunchtime and did the adulting I told myself I would do [and then some], and you get a fabulously productive day.

1728 – I’m actually even further on than the above! Look:

This includes one with about 3k written which I hadn’t even added to the list! So excited right now…

2005 – partway through year 2 homework, a pile of washing up to do, and I’m finally getting around to Grand Tour – I live a rockstar life. Yeah, I’m not getting any more writing done today.

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