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Totally A Grown Up (Not!)

0945 – I was reduced to leaning on my seven-year-old this morning for the required logic and reason to find my keys. Despite doing Boring Grown Up Things last night, I still somehow managed to put four completely different pillowcases on the bed [I maintain that’s not my fault; the other half has clearly been hiding them] and wake up late this morning. Snakebites notwithstanding…

Today, I have almost reached my target on I&E, though it feels a bit like I’m wittering. I still need to flesh out more of that one plotwise, but I keep going off to Leonora in my head. It doesn’t help that I know the plot of I&E backwards but am still kersploring where Leonora will go.

Fingers crossed I manage to tidy the house enough tonight – and eat something. And change small person’s sheets. Crowning throne! Why is it that people always want to visit when/right after my other half has abandoned me for training?

Oh – in case it wasn’t clear: I refer to my various stories by their working titles because a) The One With The Thing That Happens has already been done and b) that would give the plot away and c) there are Simply Too Many.

…OTOH, titling an epic fantasy something like The Thing That Happened To The Main Character might be an interesting way to go.

1014 – I’ve hit the count AND have a much better idea of where I’m going at the moment; all to the good.

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