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I’m Probably Lighter Than I Was Last Week

0718 – So I was ill yesterday, following a visit by my parents over the weekend. It’s at least twice as bad when one’s other half isn’t around to at least offer sympathy, though honestly mine isn’t very good at that. At least I didn’t irritate the bear by clambering over him as I dashed to the loo to throw up. [I am now largely devoid of digestion, hence the title]

I can keep drinks down now (I haven’t braved food yet), so it’s back to work today. Fingers crossed there’s nothing too strenuous to handle… though there’s a solid chance I’ll have to cover a couple of interviews.

I (obviously) didn’t get any writing done over the weekend, and yesterday I just slept, basically. Which puts me behind by two days, as well as full of a headache *whinge*

Today’s goal: write to the target. Nothing more. At least I’ve done enough housework that I shouldn’t have to run around adulting until tomorrow at the earliest 🙂

0923 – I’ve hit my target, and my head feels like I’ve been hit. Make it stahp! *sigh* Anyway, back to work…

1504 – I’ve successfully kept some food down! Yay! Just need to manage some adulting tonight, do a weeny bit more writing, and I’ll practically be back to normal. Won’t be touching alcohol for a wee bit though…

1702 – I love writing. I get to collect lines like ‘necromancy and probably human sacrifices’. Also [warning: sappy] I realised today that there are several megs’ worth of Completely Unique Content on my laptop – stuff that literally doesn’t exist anywhere else but inside my mind. That, more than anything else, is why I do this. [end sappy]

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