A Burst of Enthusiasm

1048 – Hit today’s target [more than] twice over, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. Unfortunately, Leo keeps yanking my attention – especially when driving to and from work – so I need to start plotting that out soon or risk total distraction from IAE.

Admittedly, my main issue with Leo is that {in my head, at least} the entire cast has regional British accents (from Nirish to Geordie), which are beginning to leak over into Aelyn’s family. It’s only a matter of time before they all start doing it – and then where will I be? Struggling to write dialogue, that’s where.

1248 – Broken 2k, and not even really on purpose. I sort of took it as a challenge that my by-scene average word count was so low and have apparently begun to increase it… and in the process have laid the groundwork for later Plot Points.

1313 – Almost at 3k – we’ll overtake my (non-)draft of the Edge soon. This is kind of fun…

1449 – broke 3k, no longer have any begun scenes under 500 words. Not bad; now to write some which haven’t been started and keep that base number up. My scene average is 1080, which is nice but doesn’t get me to my target.

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