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Insidious Knitting

0921 – It seems I’ve inadvertently made knitting a thing in Ice&Earth. There’s no particular reason for this, though I ought to point out that I myself am a knitter [awkward AF for a lefty], but I think I’m going to leave it in. There’s not enough epic fantasy with mundane activities traditionally assigned to women…*

…and now I have two images to convey: the grandmother (probably in a war-room) whipping out her knitting during a break, and the fishermen who knit their protective ‘jumpers’ between sailings.

Magic system where you knit the thread into the shape you need and then cast off… visual of a battle where the magic is ‘cast’ as from a fishing rod… pants. That’s a new idea I need to write down.

{you just read a prime example of the way I come up with new ideas; never know when that might be useful. But knitting fishermen and grandmother generals are MINE!}

*counter-examples wanted: comment or message me. I want to read these things!

1120 – Aaand I told my best friend and now Hidden Purls is my NaNo 2017 project. Unless I cave and do it over a holiday or something.

1155 – OK, what did I do with my backups?!? Where have my backups from the last week gone? Eep!

UPDATE – they’re apparently safe and sound but not on my USB stick. *heaves giant sigh* at least my paranoia is paying off…

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