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Definitely Not At Home Here

1038 – I’m off work this week, currently visiting the other half at his very looooong course in Pompey, having seen Stonehenge and Scotland’s loss on Sunday. We didn’t do much of anything yesterday (except go and see the next best thing to Deadpool in the cinema*) and today looks to be similarly relaxing except for the whole I’m-actually-going-to-crack-open-my-laptop-and-do-some-writing thing.

*No, it definitely wasn’t 50 shades anything; it was clearly Lego Batman

In other news, I appear to have begun the writing bug [snick snick] in my small person; he is embarking on a HP fanfiction entitled ‘The Chamber of Objects’. If all goes well, he can commiserate with me on the writing process by the time he’s about eight :). Then again, does seem to be holding his attention as well…

Speaking of coding, it’s been a long time since I did anything but tinker with html, and I’ve been thinking about dipping my toes back in to turn my EPIC SPREADSHEET OF DOOM!™ into an application with database instead of a Great Enormous Beast which will fall over if I keep making tweaks to it.

Probably not worth doing at the moment; I’m also toying with doing some knitting (partly because of the Knittingverse and partly because there’s this one lace scarf pattern I did once which was Wonderful and I can’t find it for love nor… well, I haven’t actually tried money yet, but I can’t find it on the internet.

So, probably going to console myself with rewatching movies of men in skirts and sandals (Troy, Gladiator, 300, etc.), rewatching LotR (much better than the Hobbit ones, despite excellent British cast in latter) and writing.

Pants, I should go and do some wording while Small Person is languishing over his bath.

1110 – 825 words later, I feel as though I’m allowed to go and look at a different story now.

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