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Angry Bunny

1059 – Extremely Cross with the current state of my work laptop – it keeps crashing on me!?!?? This, after my mouse battery died so I’m on the trackpad and keep reaching for the mouse #fml

1206 – People with no sense of urgency despite copious explicit warnings are a source of aggravation to me.

I did a bunch of writing and plotting yesterday, but I don’t feel as though I’m going as well as I could; there’s basically a whole story to plot before 1st April for Camp NaNo, and I don’t think I’m going to achieve much of a word count unless I mystically spend most of march finishing my current draft.

I also planned a full rewrite of my 2015 NaNo, which will hopefully become a properly readable story. You know, when I get to it. Which will be ages. It’s a pain that I’ve decided to make all of the magic cohesive, since it’ll mean rewriting everything, but since there aren’t any properly finished drafts, that’s probably not as big an upset as I feel. Though redoing my 2016 NaNo isn’t going to be pleasant…

…or the one I’m currently doing, which was actually kind of the inspiration for the change in the first place, indirectly.

Making Life Harder For Myself Since 1990.

Also, I need better working titles. “Ice and Earth” is unique, but not interesting. I think they should be at least indicative of something that happens in the story…

It’s a toss-up whether I get any writing done today, what with all the adulting I can’t seem to stop doing* and reading I need to do**; why don’t I have a job with shorter hours? Working full time in an office is bleh.

*please send help!

**I agree to ‘swaps’ with my other half; I’ll read one (series, usually) of his if he’ll read one of mine. This one isn’t for anything I’m gung-ho about, but the next one will finally get him reading one of my faves! *dancing in chair*

Also I’m pretty certain what my next tattoo will be – keeping it smol this time (so I don’t have to save up for months to get it) and significant. After that, though, what about a Generation Snowflake? The only way to make people shut up about that stuff is to own it, after all…

1544 – Happy Bunny!

I love my best friend! Just reading over our convo from yesterday was enough to inspire me to plot not one but *four* stories for Hidden Purls! I now add the tag… *drumroll*

The Pattern Book.

Yay! Plotted out by chapters, with characters named and threads forming; I’m on a roll 😀

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