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0828 – I didn’t get much written yesterday, though my plotting triumph remains an achievement. I’ve now got a reading problem: the new Green Rider book is out on Thursday next week**. Rereading the series (working back at the rate of one a day) will commence on Saturday. Problem is, I’m going to finish Calamity today, leaving three full days without something to read*. My other half suggested a reread of Warbreaker (he’s a Sanderson fanboy, in case you couldn’t tell) but that doesn’t cover more than a day, and I really ought to make a dent in my TBR.

Cue grumbling as I yank out the two things I haven’t finished yet. Bah.

*The horror! This is not to be borne!

**Danged transatlantic releases, making me wait two whole extra days for a book, even if it does have a waaaaay nicer cover

1634 – I’ve hit my writing target and rearranged my Uber Nerdy Calculation Word Count Tracking Sheet (again), this time to reflect a) more realistic word counts, b) my second draft of Steel Fist (replotted for Knitting {haha; *wipes tear from eye* as if I’ve *actually* taken that into account yet!}) and c) the expansion of Hidden Purls into a four-part series.

Mental plotting: I’m on about the tenth revision of one crucial scene in Leonora; I can’t decide exactly where it should take place, but I know exactly what must happen in it… when will this be done? Usually writing one version down is enough to make it congeal in my head! #whingewhinemoancomplain

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