0829 – Oh no. I think I’m about to abandon my draft of Ice & Earth, as I’ll have to rewrite swathes of it to conform to the new standard of magic.

I could turn straight to redoing Steel Fist, or begin on The Pattern Book, but maybe I ought to have a break from fantasy and work on something that will never depend on magic. Whatever I end up drafting next, it needs to be plotted before I begin; I think I’ve finally found the method for not getting completely bored of what I’m writing.

How I Write (Apparently):

  1. Plot in broad strokes
  2. Break down into scenes
  3. Name a few characters
  4. Put scenes into template spreadsheet, also the names I have
  5. Write a bit against a scene according to my timetable
  6. Put it in order (will mostly be right in the spreadsheet)
  7. Put scenes into single file in specified order
  8. Review

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