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0820 – More in the sense of the lack of winds than any glumness* – I’m waiting for the weekend so I can begin my reread, and it’s going to be difficult. I read a new book last night – good but odd, and I doubt I’ll go looking for the sequel, but it’s left me thinking (since it came from my TBR) that I need to actually start *reading* some of the books I own.

But I really want to do some rereads! I’m just about ready for Codex Alera again, and (same author) I think it’s time to redo Cinder Spires. Then there are the other Valdemar ones (I may also have pre-ordered a different one which will be out in a couple of weeks), as well as *all* the standalones (and presumably, series starters) that sit waiting eagerly to be picked up next.

…I think I just guilted myself into reading my TBR.

*not least because Storm Doris is currently blowing a hoolie** outside

**Manx expression, should be fairly clear what it means***

***unlike ‘skeet’, Yessir

0920 – TFW you wrote 5k in a location and never bothered to mention its name once. Why did I do that? Why??

1121 – I’ve written my daily allowance, but I don’t want to stop. It’ll have to wait; I’m venturing out into the Weather later for stationery…

1256 – Fist pump! I love it when I get something tricky right the first time! Even when it’s only address label mail merge and printing. 😀

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