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Getting There: Planning Edition

0839 – Spent Far Too Long last night syncing up my laptop to the cloud files I work on away from it – serves me right for doing masses of reorganisation on a different machine, I suppose. Didn’t write last night; I’ll have to do some tonight, instead.

1543 – Will have a quiet night in writing tonight, I think. I want to charge through and get as much done as possible while the plotting is still fresh. In addition, I’ve realised that I don’t have to rewrite Rav’n! I mean, I do, as there are elements which I haven’t planned, and others that need tweaking, and I’m mostly annoyed at the pacing, but I don’t have to rewrite anything to take Knitting into account! The virtue of not having much of that in it, I suppose, as opposed to the stories where I will need to seriously rethink major plot points as they no longer fit…

Curse my enduring need for consistency!

Also, this (fourth? fifth?) plotting method seems to be working for me. Will discuss once I’ve actually managed to complete a manuscript.

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