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0826 – I’ve maintained a minimum pace for about five days now, and the fact that I managed to do it over the weekend tells me I’m onto a winner. Now, the important part is to keep going. Keep going until I’m done with this story – and onto the next one.

I do love it when I get a new idea, too; especially one in a totally different genre/setting from whatever I’m working on. It keeps me from getting bored with current projects as I need something to distractimicate me (attention span of a gnat).

[Just in case you were wondering, it’s a dystopian/cyberpunk setting for a retelling]

1056 – It’s getting gradually richer and more interesting, watching these characters grow and build, though I need to be careful about not introducing too many; this *is* only a novella.

1523 – A little more done; I’ve moved onto the next scene. There’s a wealth of stuff to keep track of now, which could prove a problem later. That said, I think the main problem is going to be imagery. I don’t think I’m getting across what everything looks and smells like…

1703 – Must remember to work on imagery another day; GR reread to do tonight (I’ve got to get the remaining 80% of FRC done tonight, followed by at least 20% of HKT, followed by the rest and BV tomorrow, then MS [roughly 80%] on Wednesday, so that I can go straight from MS to Firebrand on Thursday. After which point I’ll have a massive cumulative book hangover, which if nothing else should have me focusing on my writing until it fades).

Also, I added a load of scenes to the Pattern Book plan, which is definitely too big to complete in April unless I disdain something like food (or possibly just ignore my family over Easter weekend and write around 10k per day).

That’s not the only one – I’ve planned out Flicker (May/June project), which will carry me over to the second Camp NaNo (Steel Fist rewrite) in July.

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury Cait @ Paper Fury

    Good luck with the writing! I totally relate to quietly working on a few ideas at once to keep life fresh and interesting. I’m usually plotting like three books in my head at once. There’s so much to explore!!

    • katvoira katvoira

      Exactly! I’ve found the only way to clear some space is to write a few down

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