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0932 – I think my other half is mad at me. I’ll live, though it always seems utterly horrid at the time – something about his actual anger makes him seem a stranger, which is why I’m glad it’s rare. I need to focus on getting the wording down, which should at least present him with something new to read?

Had a totally new idea this morning – it deviates from everything else I’ve got, which is good for creativity and bad for my schedule 😀

1437 – I read furiously at lunchtime, finishing BV! Now I just need to slog through MS (leaving the interesting stuff at the end* for tomorrow) and I’m ready to leap right into Firebrand!

*the last two? chapters, I think. The only part that really sticks with me, anyway.

Also – I have now written down that idea I had earlier, and inadvertently started narrating it… which seems to indicate I’ll need to actually plot it soon. Pants.

1620 – so I vommed some good words. Action scenes tend to flow right out without a great deal of effort, whereas anything where people aren’t in danger takes some work. Could be worse, I suppose; I could be incapable of… of… writing at all?

Wow. Total mental cessation for a minute there. Rare are the moments when my mind is not racing to escape its cage.

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