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1451 – I have a tale to tell; a tale of a near miss.

I went home at lunch, having already received notification that my books had been delivered.

As I pulled onto the drive, I noticed that the recycling bin seemed to be in a different spot from where it had been this morning; I duly checked inside and, finding it empty, pulled it back into its usual place.

On opening the door, I found a card from Amazon. When I read it, I almost had a heart attack:

In recycling bin as it has not been emptied yet.

Striving not to panic, and failing miserably, I rushed to the black bin – just in case.

Within, well beyond normal arm’s reach, were my parcels. The relief I felt was incomparable; I almost wept as I retrieved them. Finally, I thought as I opened it, It’s here!

1456 – I’ve hit my target for the day – and as you can see above, my evening is going to be spent with a brand new book. 😀

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