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Working with a Book Pre-Hangover

1016 – I must hang my head in shame, for I did not finish the new book last night. I still had a hundred pages to go when I left for work this morning, and I doubt I’ll get through them all in my lunch break. Over 24 hours to read 800 pages? My eyes are lowered.*

I’m in that halfway-through-a-book** distracted state where I can’t quite tear my mind from the story, hence the pre-hangover. Protohangover?

Regardless, I have much to occupy my time once I finally reach the end – after weeping and mourning, of course. I have a trilogy and its trilogy prequel to read (so that OH will finally read Green Rider), and my enormous TBR***, and of course my writing projects. There’s not even any 6nations rugby this weekend to distract me with eighty minutes of GLORIOUS DEFE-VICTORY!****

*Wheel of Time, which my OH really needs to reread.

**Though I’m actually 7/8 of the way through, the state between haven’t-started-yet and just-finished is always referred to as halfway. ALWAYS.

***I should really count that up again and track it, or something.

****So used to Scotland’s Glorious Defeats that it’s hard to process actually winning.


Today’s writing goal is the same as before – hit the target and no further, lest I be distracted from seeking the climax of the story. Only after I have finished may I return to writing down this story of novella length.

Also the Guinness punch a colleague brought in is doing wonders to improve my mood. Though it would be pretty buoyant in any case, as I always enjoy having two additional computers running on my desk.

1127 – I hit my target, though I’m not really happy with either of those scenes.

1356 – Finished the book! Let the actual book hangover commence… While it didn’t end on a cliffhanger, and there was a surprising amount of stuff after the climax, I’m pretty happy with it. You know, except for the fact that it’ll probably be about two years before the next one.

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