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Better In The Morning

0840 – Doing considerably better today than yesterday – first my friend cheered me up with a story idea about a sociopath trying to clear her name of murder, then my other half made me a hot toddy, and then there was Whisky. Definite improvement.

I’m hesitantly writing the scene I sort-of began yesterday, but I expect it’ll take a while to get going. I’ve also definitely messed with my plan, but not so much that I’m totally derailed.

No idea what to read – my TBR calls, but not in a way that I can’t ignore. I just don’t know! I suppose I ought to focus on finishing the ones I’m partway through…

0922 – Hit the target, not quite satisfied as usual. If I finish this early, I might just nip onto the Pattern Book before April begins. I need all the help I can get to hit *that* target on time.

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