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New Outlook

I realised last week that journalling my progress wasn’t really helping anything, so I’ve held off on that for now. My current perspective is that it’s not really worth noting anything but a milestone, which today includes reaching the 20k mark on Cost of Living!

If I can maintain 1k per day for the next two weeks, I’ll hit my target with 4 days to spare (i.e. to rest before I embark on the insanity of The Pattern Book for Camp NaNo)… And hopefully won’t end up going ‘why did I vom all this awful?!?!?!’ when I come back to it in about a year. Fingers crossed.

…I say ‘rest’, but what I actually mean is time to do something other than vom the words out: get caught up on adulting (blech), create some mood boards on Pinterest to keep me inspired (meh), or just blitz-reread something (not likely given my TBR!).

Then there’s the added possibility that a procrastiscarf™ might actually prove to be a beneficial tool this time, since there’s so much about knitting that I can’t possibly get by without a visual reference. Then *gasp* for the next one in that series I need to figure out the difference between English *spit-take* and continental knitting, and after *that* I need to learn (enough to blag, anyway) about crochet! I didn’t make this easy on myself, did I?

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