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Coming Down Around My Ears

Alrighty! Let’s list out the Things Which Have Gone Wrong lately:

  1. I didn’t finish my novella in March
  2. I’ve got a 7-8/13 chance of being made redundant (but as my job is so peculiar I doubt they’ll keep me)
  3. I am already behind on my Camp NaNoWriMo target

So it turns out that, along with my apparent inability to finish a manuscript even when it’s pathetically short, I am genuinely cursed in my career. It’s like this: when I approach two years in one role, something happens to change it. That could turn out to be beneficial when I’m older and have more stories to tell, but for now having only two years’ experience in something (and still no degree) doesn’t qualify me for much.

My second role lasted two years and ended because I moved a couple of hundred miles away. My second role lasted 22 months (and one week) and ended when the company split and my job description changed pretty radically. The next role has lasted 26 months, and I’m probably going to be made redundant due to yet another buyout – but if I don’t, my job will definitely change again.

Which means I’m going to be looking for a new job (in all probability) with the following things hanging over my head:

  • looking to buy a house
  • can’t take too long as I have debts to pay
  • no idea whatsoever which direction to pursue
  • badly need to do more writing if I’m ever to complete a manuscript

And look how many words I can vom out when I don’t attempt to meet a target! #irony

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